It all started with
a hammer and a nail. 

Back in the 70’s, Calvin Mitchell started building and framing homes in the Vancouver area. Throughout this time, he also discovered a love for working directly with the client. He worked in customer-facing roles that eventually led to a discovery – I can combine a love for building and renovations with a passion for serving clients.

In 2004, Canadian Renovations was born. Several years later, son Dean who was an awarded Master Craftsman in the Yacht industry and Red Seal specialized in fine furniture and cabinetry building at the time saw an opportunity for the duo to work together.  In 2008 they partnered up, and the rest is as they say, history.

Flash forward to present day where Canadian Renovations is now comprised of an amazing team of consultants, project managers, designers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and support staff.  All of us share the same goal – to serve homeowners through creative planning, exceptional communication, and professional execution, to make each client’s vision come to life.

Seeing a homeowner ecstatic about their new kitchen, bathroom or addition is what drives us to serve the next homeowner, and over 50% of our projects are through repeat customers or client referrals. This for us is the biggest compliment we can receive.


Giving Homeowners Vision and an Exceptional Experience While Transforming Their Home

A vision for something bigger and better.

Our primary goal is to serve homeowners throughout Canada. Our secondary goal is to see the business practices of the renovation industry transformed for the better throughout the world. Our communities and the people in them are important to us.

Recently Jason Roberts the CEO of Wagner Hill Farms Ministries asked for our help with planning and designing a renovation for their main building on 45 acre farm. The project was completed in 2016 with many generous people giving of money, time and materials. Over the last 25 years they have had 6,000 men go through their drug and rehabilitation program. It was such an honour for us to take part in this project. We look forward to helping with more projects in the near future.



Ready to transform your home?

We’re excited to help you turn your vision into a reality, but we need you to take the first step. As part of our service, we always offer a free consultation with each client.  Let’s have a chat and learn more about what your project entails. Connect with us below to schedule your free renovation consultation.