The Ultimate Guide to Master Bathroom Renovations in Vancouver – Part 1

The Ultimate Guide to Master Bathroom Renovations in Vancouver –  Part 1: Preparing for a Renovation

Whilst bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms can often hog the limelight when it comes to home decoration and renovation, there is a room frequented often but that usually receives far less care and attention – your bathroom. Many homeowners may have their idea for their ‘dream master bathroom’ but rarely do such ideas get put effectively into practice. Any guests are likely to see and use your bathroom so although it may not be at the forefront of your renovation plans, it is certainly worth considering to make your home that little bit more special and personal!

Planning the perfect master bathroom renovation can be arduous but it is extremely important that you ensure that you are best prepared for the project, in regards to both design and disruption. To help ease the process, we have compiled this simple guide to best prepare you for the task ahead.

Consider how you will use your master bathroom

When we talk about using a master bathroom, it is important to think not solely about the basic purpose but also the other times where an efficient layout can make a world of difference. You should think about who will be using the room, typically you and your partner, and in what circumstances would you both be required to use the bathroom simultaneously. Both of you being able to use the space at the same time is a great bonus and one that can only come with careful pre-planning.

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of bringing the dream master bathroom to life is space management. If you (and your spouse) often require a lot of space to get ready in the morning before work, it could be worth considering a long countertop or even two sinks to help give you both the chance to get ready without encroaching on one another.

Another thing to consider is the stand-out items that will occupy your bathroom. Sinks, toilets, baths and showers are the most important items for your bathroom so it is vital that you put time and consideration into picking the ones that appeal to you, or fit your dream design, the best. There are many different options to choose from and each will bring something extra to your master bathroom so taking the time to find your perfect choice is certainly a rewarding process. Be sure to consider the practical side of things in addition to the design, as just because something looks fantastic does not necessarily mean that it is a practical choice for your bathroom.

Think about what inspires you

Once the pre-planning stage has been completed, it is time to think a little bit more about the design and layout of your master bathroom. Creating a mock-up floor plan can be a big help, to give you a better idea of what space you have to work with once all the major amenities have been accounted for. Luckily, with the help of design-build firms like Canadian Renovations, you can have access to a professional designer and it is their job to help make the design process as easy as possible, whilst fulfilling the desires of your creative vision.

One of the best ways to prepare for your discussions with the designer is to organize all your ideas, plans and thoughts in one place. Websites such as Pinterest, Houzz and HGTV are excellent for allowing you to create various compilations of design or decoration ideas. Take some time with your partner or spouse to have a look for some ideas; even if they do not end up being used, it can help inspire you or come up with ideas of your own.

What are you willing to spend on your master bathroom renovation?

Unfortunately, money does not grow on trees; nor do many of us own an endless pit of money that we dive into like Scrooge McDuck. When you have come up with ideas for your design, the next step is thinking about the financial logistics of the project. In an ideal world, we’d all love to have the most fancy amenities and snazzy decorations but it is important to keep it realistic.

One of the best ways to plan the finances of your bathroom renovation is to categorize your list of ideas as must-haves or luxuries and extras. Working with a design-build contractor or interior designer can prove especially useful here, as they can help you source cheaper alternatives to otherwise expensive products or items. Inform them of your budget and point them in the right direction of some of your ideas and they’ll do their best to help your dreams come true.

Is this all sounding good?  If so, find out how to select a master bathroom renovation company, and what to ask them.

Check out our blog post here that offers you ideas on what to ask ….and stay turned for Part 2 of this Guide coming this month where we talk about working with a designer to choose fixtures, tiles and more!