The Ultimate Guide to Master Bathroom Renovations in Vancouver – Part 2

The Ultimate Guide to Master Bathroom Renovations in Vancouver –  Part 2: Design Considerations

When it comes to making informed design decisions for your master bathroom renovation, there really is quite a lot to consider. If you have even been through a kitchen renovation, then you’ll know what your getting into – and we always advise working with a professional reno-design-build firm like Canadian Renovations when it comes to tackling big jobs like this.  But, that’s not to say you shouldn’t atleast think about what you like, and what choices you and your designer will make together. Below we’ve summarized the main areas of consideration when it comes to renovating a master bathroom – from tubs and showers, to sinks and flooring – we’ve got the info you need to start letting your creative juices flowing.


Choosing master bathroom flooring

Remember back in the 70’s and 80’s when carpeting and linoleum in a bathroom was “in”? Maybe not, and honestly that’s probably for the best. We’ve learned our lesson over the years and now know that tile/concrete or any kind of non-permeable surface is really the best choice. Tile is easy to keep clean, and will last for years and years. But tile doesn’t need to be boring and dull. We’re now seeing some incredibly stylish patterns of tile used in bathrooms to provide a statement from the ground up. We also love the use of oversized tiles as opposed to the standard 12×12 ceramic slab you often see. When it comes to choosing your flooring in the master bathroom we can help you make the right choice and ensure your design is a ‘step’ in the right direction, and also blends in with tile used throughout other spaces of your master bathroom. 

Choosing a Tub and Shower

We like to think of the tub and shower as the crown jewels of any master bathroom.  It really can anchor a space, and add visual interest to any bathroom – the key is choosing a tub and shower style that suits your needs. Are you someone who wants to soak for hours in a deep tub with a glass of wine? Or are you more interested in a jacuzzi style option – perhaps with enough room for two? 

Showers have become so much more in the last decade as well. No one wants to shower in an enclosed, tight, dark space these days. We’re now seeing people choosing to add in large walk-in showers with multiple jets, multi-headed jets for couples showers, steam rooms, and fully frameless glass ‘wet rooms’. It seems that when it comes to showers in a master bathroom people want to feel like they are in a spa-like environment –  and we’re all for making that possible! 

Choosing Cabinetry and Storage for your master bathroom

Don’t let the process of picking your bathroom cabinets and vanities overwhelm you. Allow the design and function of your room to drive your decision. Much like a Kitchen renovation, the cabinetry style in a master bathroom should be something that will last for decades to come – you don’t want to grow tired of a style that was trendy previously but now looks dated. Storage also needs to be considered, as most people don’t want all of their toiletries on display. Our designers will help create an optimal plan for your bathroom cabinetry so that you get maximum storage, and major style impact that you will love for decades to come. 

Choosing our master bathroom sinks

When deciding on sinks for a master bathroom renovation, a big question will be do you need one or two – and often this comes down to space availability. We always suggest adding two sinks in a master bathroom if you have the space – even if you’re the only one using it, it’s one of those things people notice down the road if you ever decide to resell. The style of your sinks should also reflect the rest of the aesthetic of your new master bathroom. These days we are seeing a lot of interest in those large trough-style sinks with multiple faucets, more traditional rectangular basins, and a renewed interest in pedestal sinks. When you work with our designs at Canadian Renovations will help you decide on a style that fits your needs, and your design vision. 

Choosing Master Bathroom Fixtures

Choosing the right fixtures for your master bathroom renovation is something a lot of people get wrong. Sure it might seem simple, but a lot of time people don’t consider the practicality of their choices – they simply make decisions based on the looks. As an example, we used to see a lot of gooseneck style faucets in master bathroom sinks – but anyone with these will tell you that they are not a great choice for when you need to wash your face and brush your teeth – because water splashes everywhere! It’s also important to consider how the fixtures will all look together – we like to create cohesion between the sink faucets, shower fixtures and shoer head – both in terms of material and style. If you feel a bit confused by all of the endless choices out there for master bathroom fixtures we’ll be happy to help you. 

Is this all sounding good?  If so, find out how to select a master bathroom renovation company, and what to ask them.

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