Choosing the right company starts with
aligning to what you value.

Do you value high standards of quality and a process-driven approach?

We’re really big on this stuff. For us, its essential to the success of a project. Our clients that choose to work with us have the same values. They aren’t looking to cut corners, find cheap solutions, or work with someone who doesn’t have a proven process in place.  If you feel the same way then that’s a great start!

Do you have a realistic timeframe in mind?

As started above, quality and process is really important to us. That means that while we will do everything possible to see that your project is completed in the timeframe you desire, we also know how long certain projects take. We commit to a timeframe up front and stick to it, but we will not do rush jobs to sacrifice on quality.  As a rough timeline, here is what the average project timeframe looks like:

2 – 6 months for the design, planning and permits

2 – 6 months for the construction.

In total 7 months is the average time from the beginning of design to enjoying the newly renovated space.  These numbers are a range for small renovation to large ones.

Do you have a realistic budget in mind?

Same as timeframe, budget is just as important. Before construction starts a fixed price is agreed to in writing along with a clear scope of work. This is important for both parties so we are all on the same page. As a guide, we suggest to start with a minimum budget of $50,000 when thinking of a major renovation such as a kitchen. Of course, every project is different, so we’ll work with you to determine exact costs for your project. 

So, do you think we’re a good fit for you?

Give us a shout today and let’s get started turning your dream into a reality.