As the end of the year approaches, you might already be starting to think about the various projects you want to tackle next year. Maybe you’re looking at the ‘to-do’ list and you think “how hard can it be?”  When it comes to home repairs, renovations or modest home improvements, it is sometimes difficult to know when to hire a professional and when to simply tackle a DIY project. There are certain projects that can be far more complex than you might think, so before you attempt to DIY, ask a professional! Below are the top projects that should only be done my a home renovation and improvement company.

Removal of Asbestos and Mold

Any home built in the mid 80’s or order can possibly contain asbestos. Residentially, asbestos can be found in drywall mud, ceiling stipple, flooring, stucco, siding and vermiculite insulation. Every renovation, on an at-risk home, should start with a hazardous material test, as it is dangerous to remove asbestos without the proper safety attire. Additionally, your home is the ideal temperature for mold growth, given of course, the limiting factor of moisture availability.   Breathing in asbestos or mold could have serious health ramifications, so always leave these removal projects to the pros!


Major Structural Changes

Nowaday, everyone wants an open plan in their home. This means many house renovations involve knocking down walls and making bug structural changes. But before you decide take a sledgehammer to that wall, ask yourself if you can you tell the difference between a cosmetic wall and a weight-bearing wall. No? Okay, time to put the sledgehammer down. Because most interior walls in older homes act as the support structure for the home, it’s very important to have a home renovation professional take on this project. Professionals will have a better understanding of the structural make up of your home, and can navigate the code requirements and permit requisites in order to ensure your home stays standing.



Here’s one we are very serious about! Certified electricians are certified for a reason. You need advanced electrical knowledge to ensure electrical standards in your home have been met. There are simply too many technicalities for you to tackle this task on your own, and improper techniques can have terrible consequences for you and your home. Leave the high voltage alone, and consult a local home renovation company that has professional electricians on staff.


Window Renovations

Installing windows is not an easy task. Working with a home renovation company who can install your new windows will save you a lot of headaches and dollars down the road.  If windows are installed incorrectly it could lead to hot and cold air leaking from the interior of your home, which ultimately will reflect as dollar signs on your next utility bill. Beyond that, improper installation can result in moisture issues which can cause a whole new mess of repairs. Leave this to the pros.



Now, if you need to change a tap, or shower head – have at it! But if you are attempting to modify your plumbing system, call the pro. Even the very smallest leak can lead to several thousand dollars’ worth of damage.

Many homeowners have attempted the above household projects and have had to learn the hard way. Don’t waste your time on these troublesome and sometimes dangerous projects and don’t be afraid to hand off anything to a professional.  It will not only save you money in the long run, but save you a lot of hassle!