With May in full swing, a lot of outdoor entertaining is taking place around the Lower Mainland. However, if you do not have a home that provides an outdoor space conducive with outdoor entertaining, it becomes a bit of a conundrum.

Although your landscape can enhance a backyard gathering, a patio provides a place where you can set a table, chairs, BBQ and even a heating lamp as needed, without the instability of a yard surface.

Whether you want a simple patio set off your kitchen, or you wish to actually create an outdoor cooking space with a built in cooking area, fire pit, and all the other outdoor enthusiast conveniences, the options are fairly limitless and can be customized to any customers’ preferences.

Patio Plans for Longevity

Adding a patio to your outdoor space can offer a year-round addition. Whether you choose to fit it with an awning, or create a partial covering for your new space, ensuring that you plan a patio that provides you with longevity, will give you the most benefits for your budget.

Create an Ideal Patio Layout

Having a patio set off your kitchen is normally ideal, but if you have a small backyard and the new addition will be taking up the majority of the space, it might not be ideal.

An alternative for some homeowners is a rooftop patio. Designed effectively, a rooftop patio can offer you an increased space that can boast of a variety of features that perhaps might not have been possible in a smaller setting off your kitchen.

The Function is in the Finish

Finishing your patio with features like a fireplace or heat lamps, will allow you to utilize your patio year round.

Lighting is also an important consideration if you wish to use your patio year round. A lack of light might mean that your nighttime entertaining will have to be cut short during twilight hours, which grow seasonally shorter.

At Canadian Renovations, we can help you build the perfect outdoor space for entertaining season after season. So feel free to call us, and help you begin creating your perfect outdoor space!

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