The “Tiny House Movement” is picking up steam across North America, and has already been a part of other communities around the world long before we began to take notice.

What is this movement and why are we boarding the bandwagon? Simply put, it’s the united idea that if you decrease your space – and your belongings respectively – you increase your freedom by putting less time and money into a home with more square footage than any family would ever need.

Tiny homes range in size from as small as 9 square feet, up to around 850 square feet. Although we’re not here to advertise that we are joining this building movement, we are here to say we can definitely help you renovate your backyard garage, shed, or any standing structure, into a tiny living delight.

Tiny House Movement Designs

Many of the designs you will see advertised, are of the “off-the-grid” variety. People looking to truly create a space that requires no outside source of power, heat or water, but instead – they take it upon themselves to install solar panels, a rainwater collection system and composting toilets.

However, there are also more modern concepts with less emphasis on power-saving measures, and more emphasis on simply living, well – simply!

The Benefits of Living Small

Although you might think such a spall space would make you feel trapped, we hear it is quite liberating. Not only can you pay off a space like this in less time than potentially your car payment, but with the right design layout, ample windows, and the appropriate necessities to ensure you still live comfortably …living small might be a big idea worth wrapping your head around.

Think of it …less space to clean, less purchasing of needless trinkets and over-extending your shoe-budget, dramatically lower energy bills, and a conscious approach to living well, appreciating what you have, and spending less time and money on things you don’t need.

Double Your Living Space, Outdoors

We have also recognized that a lot of these tiny homes put the emphasis on their outdoor space. From rooftop decks, to sprawling patios, to spatial gardens …the indoor square footage is greatly increased by the ample outdoor living space.

Although a lot of custom building is required with a custom home design idea such as this, at Canadian Renovations – we specialize in all things “custom”.

Big change requires brave calls, and we might be the best call you could make to get this idea started in your backyard garage …so let us know how we can help!

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