Often times a renovation might seem like an expenditure that doesn’t necessarily bring with it a monetary return on your investment. However, we want to dispel this theory, and talk about how your home renovation can truly pay off beyond your initial investment.

Modern = Marketable

Keeping your home up-to-date can increase the marketability of your house if you are looking at selling, allowing you to put a for sale sign up at a moments notice. Having some custom upgrades and renovations done to your home can significantly increase the resale value, and make your house more marketable than other homes in your area that remain in their original condition.

Exterior vs. Interior Renovations

Although many people opt for interior renovations, exterior renovations are reported as having a significant return on your investment as well. Whether that means replacing your siding, or installing new windows or doors, curbside appeal adds an instant selling feature to your home, and these types of renovations can also help homeowners reduce their maintenance costs season to season.

Kitchen vs. Bathroom Renovations

As we have talked about before, both kitchen and bathroom renovations are great selling features. Beyond that, they can also aid in the maintenance cost of your home. From energy efficient appliances, to a water-saving toilet and shower, investing in large-ticket items such as these might show a high initial cost, but again – you lower your monthly costs continuously, and add selling features in the process.

Attic Bedroom vs. Home Office

Older homes have a beautifully quaint space known as an attic. Homes were once built with the attic space actually being usable quarters back in the day, whereas now they are more of a crawlspace for air ventilation.

So if you do have an older home with an attic capable of being utilized – we encourage it! This space offers unique feature that would make for an ideal guest bedroom, master bedroom or office.

Whether you are looking at remaining in your home, or are considering selling it, creating an attic space delivers on its investment in both cases for sure.

At Canadian Renovations we love coming up with creative ideas and solutions for our clients, while helping them earn back the money they have spent on their renovation project. So feel free to call us anytime to discuss your next project, and allow us to offer you a renovation that provides a return on your investment!

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