Although we have been buzzing about renovations that increase your home’s resale value, we feel that with the real estate market being in the hot climate that it is – it’s something well worth educating our customers about.

That being said, we wanted to discuss how simple bathroom renovations could increase the value of your home.

The High-End Illusion

Let’s face it, pea green and mustard yellow bathtubs were likely not a good idea to begin with, but trying to sell you home with that colour choice still installed can be a quick turn away for a lot of buyers.

Bathroom renovations tend to be the quicker option to most home renovations, and these dated soakers should be the first thing to go. They can be easily replaced with glassed in enclosures, and affordable but appealing rain-shower type heads.

Apart from your bathtub/shower combo, there are other ways to enhance the look of your bathroom, while increasing the value of you home.

Light It Up

Lighting creates ambiance and offers the ability to see clearly in any space. A bathroom, in particular, requires good lighting for shaving and makeup application, and also creates a nice tone for a relaxing bath. Older fixture often contain a single overhead light, offering neither efficient nor pleasant lighting.

In addition, modern lighting methods have become more energy efficient, so installing appropriate mood lighting will not only look attractive, it could also save you cash in the long run.

Worthwhile Vanity

Your bathroom vanity is also an important feature within your bathroom. Older bathrooms were usually fixed with large square vanity model options, and take up a lot of space in an often already small space. So by changing up your vanity with even a single sink stand, and installing narrow shelving for storage, you immediately give your bathroom a facelift and create a modern, open appeal.

At Canadian Renovations, bathroom renovations are one of our specialties and a highly sought after service. So allow us to help you turn your dingy bathroom space into a spa oasis, increasing your home value and quality of life overall!

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