Are you licensed to work in my area?

Yes, we are licensed to work in each municipality.


Do you and your subcontractors carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance?

Yes we have 5 million, and all our subcontractors also carry it. Everyone working on site is covered for workers compensation insurance.


What is the warranty on your work?

We offer a 2 year warranty for the labour and installation on all home remodeling projects.


Who will be assigned as the project manager? Will the project manager be on site all day?

There is a project manager and lead carpenter assigned to each project. They are not on site all day but provide regular communication to the client so everyone is on the same page.


Do you have an designer on staff? If not, whom do you use?

Yes! We have two accredited designers and drafting technologists on our team.


Do you use your own construction crew or outsource?

We only use our own construction team for all work performed on your home, and we manage the entirety of the project.  All key people work for us.


Who are your subcontractors, and how long have they worked with you?

We work with plumbers, electricians, tile setters and have been working with them for years. We are all about building relationships!


When are materials selected and how are they factored into the contract?

We allow our clients to choose ALL of the material selections before we present a contract and project cost. This reduces any ‘guessing’ on both sides when it comes to specific material costs and the overall cost of the renovation.


Will you provide a detailed fixed price contract?

Yes! Our contracts include the total project cost, schedule of payments, start and end dates, and the overall scope of work.