The Metro Vancouver real estate market is once again experiencing a price “boom”, and as such – many homeowners would like to get in on the increase to their homes value and selling price. That being said, not all homes are created equal, and if you own an older home, it might not be as marketable to some of the new structures.

Factors the Make Your Home More Marketable

There are many factors that make a home marketable. From location, to land size, to square footage of the home, to the various interior and exterior design features it might have – among other personal preferences of each person looking to buy.

The area we want to focus on is the selling feature of a kitchen, and how remodeling your kitchen can increase your selling price.

Kitchen Redesign Real Estate Benefits

Depending on if you wish to undergo a full redesign, or prefer a quicker turnaround with a kitchen renovation, each has their definite features and benefits, and increase with the amount in which you redesign or remodel this space.

Redesigning Your Entire Kitchen – might mean you are knocking down walls and changing the entire layout. By doing so you can open up your kitchen for both fashion and function purposes, add additional counter space, and create a more modern kitchen overall. All selling features for certain.

Remodeling Your Kitchen with Appliances & Countertops – the simple change of trading in your black or white appliances for the ever-popular stainless steel options, can immediately increase your selling features. Although you will incur the initial cost, the end-result could mean a quicker sale and an increased selling price.

Even if you don’t intend to sell you home, many people choose to renovate their kitchens for their own personal enjoyment. Whether you enjoy entertaining, or simply prefer cooking in a more spacious area, new appliances and more counter space can definitely enhance the cooking experience for the chef in your family, and perhaps even enhance your quality of life!

Apart from that, maintaining your kitchen with modern appliances and an efficient layout can implement safety measures. Appliances that no longer work properly, or a cluttered space that is concerning to your child’s safety, can both be a true concern for an older kitchen space.

Overall, kitchens are one of the most common areas that offer beneficial selling features for homebuyers, and an area a lot of homeowners wish to improve for themselves.

So whether you are looking for a kitchen renovation for sales purposes or personal enjoyment, let us know how we can help you with either objective!