We understand that renovating your home isn’t always a stress-free undertaking. From the time involved, to the investment required, to the displacement of your personal space for a short period of time, we can appreciate the consideration that has to go into any renovation project.

That is why we want to prepare our clients for what to expect, and to suggest ways around any potential pitfalls for you and your family, ensuring the process is as seamless and speedy for everyone involved.

Tips on “Reduced” Stress Renovations

Take a Vacation.

If possible, take a vacation during your renovation. If you hire a company you can trust, and have availability via phone during the renovation, as well as appoint someone local to make executive decisions, your renovation can potentially be complete by the time you return home. Allowing you to feel refreshed, as well as have a freshly remodeled home!

Find a Functional Space

Having a functional space that will allow you to still live life with minimal interruption, is of course important. So if your renovation involves your kitchen, perhaps utilize a space such as the basement in order to set up camping cooking gear, and make it a functional adventure!

Minimize Mess

Plastic sheets and disposable partitions during a renovation are your best defense in keeping renovation dust out of other rooms. So be sure to ask about how each space is sealed off during any given remodel, so you can make your own provisions as needed, and minimize the mess!

Know Your Budget, Stay Within It

Incurring additional costs due to changing your mind or adding to the renovation, can really add undue stress to your project. So be sure you know exactly what you want when embarking on a project, the amount of funds to allocate to it, and put aside a realistic contingency fund for emergencies.

Be Flexible

This if your renovation project, and we want each of our clients to be thrilled every time. So when we say “be flexible”, in no way are we suggesting you allow us to dictate your renovations, but more so that you allow for the timetable to not always be spot on, and for delivery of items out of our control to be handled with equal flexibility. Know that renovations don’t always go as smoothly as we all would hope, due to general life happenings. So being flexible is more about an attitude than any diversion from your renovation plans.

Lastly …know that it will all be worth it. Renovations are exciting. It’s bringing a new face to an old space, and delivers fresh energy and functionality to that space. So embark on it with excitement, knowing that our expert renovation team is well prepared to make your dream a reality!

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