If you have ever been employed at a construction site, you know the daily safety drills that go on all day every day. But for those who haven’t been exposed to such things, it’s unlikely you’re unaware of what to watch out for. So we wanted to provide our reading audience with information pertaining to renovation safety that will help keep you safe, or even simply aware during your home renovation.

Alternate Entranceways

Allowing your construction team to be able to come and go without a traffic jam at the doorway is important in keeping the workflow going and everyone out of harms way. So if you can, assign alternate entranceways for workers and home dwellers.

Storage Safety

Whether you have pets or small children, have a chat with your contractors before work beings about keeping dangerous items safely stored away, out of reach, and out of consumption level. This will give you peace of mind and keep your construction team on point.

Secure the Site

Also ensure your contractor secures the site during and after each day of renovations, keeping any tripwires or unassuming holes well marked or covered over securely.

Tarp the Work Site

Keeping the renovation working area under cover will help to keep dust down and pollutants contained. So ensure your contractor has a strategy in place for such things.

Spraying Down Dusty Surfaces

Dust can cause breathing and allergy issues at the best of times, but during the dry months of summer dust becomes an increased concern. So ask your contractor to lightly spray down any areas that will cause a lot of dust to rise up, and help keep it down to a minimum.

Breathe Better by Ventilating the Renovation Area

Both during renovation hours, as well as afterwards, keeping your home well ventilated will better help to minimize dust and fumes, help to dry paint and adhesives more quickly, and limit concerns overall.

At Canadian Renovations, your safety is one of our main priorities during home renovations. So feel free to ask questions, pose concerns, and allow us to maximize safety precautions and minimize risks during your next home renovation!

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