With kid’s under-foot during the summer months, parents everywhere try to fill their itineraries with events and activities that will keep them occupied and content. But it is not always possible to have your kids out of the house at all times, and if you are undergoing renovations during the summer months, there are steps you may want to take in order to keep your children safe and out of harms ways during this time.

Playing It Safe

Renovations come with a lot of tools and building materials that may appear fun to kids of all ages, but it is important for your kids to be aware of the dangers involved around any construction zone. Whether it’s in their home or otherwise, there can be unstable piles of lumber, random holes, live wires, and a myriad of other things they could stumble upon that could put them at risk. So ensuring they know to stay well clear of the area under renovation is imperative for their safety.

Added Due Care and Attention

If you have a sitter that watches your kids during work hours, or perhaps grandparents have been employed for such duties, it is important to remind them that added care and attention is necessary during the time renovations are underway. Ideally kept in an entirely different space or outside away from workers, as they neither should be interrupted no under foot to prevent any accidents and/or prolonged work hours.

Both your child’s safety as well as your hard-earned money are at work when renovations are in progress, so keeping it professional and not social will help to keep your project on time and on budget.

Hazardous Material Awareness

Be aware of any hazardous or toxic materials on the job site during your renovation. From lead paint, to potential asbestos debris in your home, to mold you may have been unaware of, and even dust particles could be cause for concern during your remodel for your children – especially if they suffer from asthma or allergies.

Other renovation materials such as paint, sealant, and varnishes can give off powerful odors and even toxic fumes, so being out of the house entirely during times when such things are present is imperative for your child’s health.

At Canadian Renovations, we want to ensure the health and safety of your family throughout the renovation process, and will discuss with you any risks or things to consider during your renovation. We feel our safety measures are impeccable, and you can rest assured when hiring us for your next renovation!

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