Remodeling can be an exciting time with the anticipation of a refreshed space, greater use of your home, and an increased value attached to it all. But if you don’t know which questions to ask before embarking on the “remodeling journey”, they can lead to concerns as the process unfolds.

As such, we wanted to help you gain some insight into your renovations before they begin, and provide you with areas you might want to discuss with your renovation specialist ahead of time so everyone is well informed and well prepared.

Right On Schedule

Knowing how the schedule of your renovations will unfold is important in being able to facilitate your daily lifestyle. Whether you are undergoing a kitchen renovation and will need to make alternate eating arrangements, or are having a bathroom renovation completed and only have one washroom to utilize, these are both serious factors to take into consideration.

So be sure you talk with your contractor about the “what, when, where and how’s” of your renovation project, so you can organize your life accordingly.

Availability Schedule

Although it is not always necessary to have the owner of the home around, it is helpful to know the owners schedule, where they can be reached when needed, and how often they will be at home to oversee or answer pertinent questions that may arise. So be forthcoming about this type of information, if you are going away on holidays during this time, if you will be home for the entirety of the renovation etc.

Honesty is the Best Policy

If you are aware of issues within your home, whether that is mold, asbestos, aging wiring, or a myriad of other concerns, be sure to tell your contractor. Keeping such information from them cannot only put them in danger; it could also greatly increase the cost of your renovation and delay the process. So by being upfront, you will have a better understanding of budget and potential time constraints.

Other questions to ask also include – what additional insurance you might need during the renovation process, or the insurance that the contractor has to cover their liabilities. Also changes to your order might arise, so be sure to ask what the ramifications are if that is the case. In addition, if you need to reach your contractor after hours, you should have an emergency contact number, so ensure they are comfortable with that type of availability. Lastly, find out if there are any guarantees that come with your renovation …whether it is regarding the material used, weather permeability etc. Understanding what part is left in your hands and what portions your renovation company guarantees, will help keep everyone accountable.

At Canadian Renovation, we want to ensure our clients are well informed about the renovation process and thrilled with their end result. So call us today, and feel confident in choosing us for your next renovation project!

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