As a Home Renovation Specialist in Vancouver, Canadian Renovations prides themselves in their workmanship and wake of happy clients. We feel that a well-informed client will make positive decisions in their renovation choices, and steer clear of any pitfalls that we warn against.

That being said, staying on budget is one of the largest areas of concern for our clients, so we wanted to present you with areas you should avoid in order to do so.

Decisions Decisions

We understand that making big budget decisions on the home you are going to live in – or even sell – can be a scary proposition. But delaying decisions comes at a cost to the contractor and their crew, and could potentially parley over to you if they are in the midst of your renovation project and waiting on your final go ahead. So try and be clear from the onset, both with yourself, as well as with your renovator.

Cutting Corners Could Cost More

Sometimes clients have an uncle or a second cousin they want to purchase their supplies from in order to cut costs, or do portions of the work themselves. However, not only does this remove the liability and quality assurance from the renovation company you have hired, but it could even put you and those living in your home in danger if a variety of people are working on the same project, and the materials being used are potentially not regulated appropriately.

If you are moving ahead with hiring a renovation company, understand that they too have relationships with suppliers, and although costs might vary, they quality assurances and safety measures will likely far outweigh minimal cost savings and corner cutting.

Account for a Contingency Fund

Although surprise costs are never a welcome turn of events, there are sometimes areas out of your contractor’s control that the homeowner will need to account for. Whether they discover wiring safety concerns, or areas of structural integrity that need addressing before continuing on with your renovation project, having a little extra money in the bank for such happenings is important. The “better safe than sorry” rule definitely applies here.

Safety First

If you plan to be home during your renovation and there are kids and pets at play – ensure their safety, and have a plan to keep them contained somewhere out of danger. This will save the workers both time as well as concern of anything little being underfoot.

At Canadian Renovations we want your renovation project to be as stress-free and on-budget as possible. We take every precaution to ensure that is the case, and welcome your questions or concerns in order to help you have peace of mind as you proceed with us for your next renovation project!

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