It’s hard to believe this 1978 Burnaby kitchen and bathroom used to be a dark, dreary space – but it was!

When our clients, a young family in Burnaby reached out to us to overhaul their dated, dimly lit kitchen and old bathroom we were excited. They had been living in the home since 1999 and knew it was time to make some major changes, and make the space more liveable, inviting and bright. For this family, the kitchen was the hub and heart of the home. Everyone typically congregates in the kitchen, so it was incredibly paramount to make sure the new, renovation Burnaby kitchen was a comfortable and relaxed room, looked clean, offered loads of organizational options. Renovating their master bathroom and second bathroom was the other big part of the project, as that space had become very dated and needed a renovation to keep up with its daily use. The hallway renovation was the final element of the project.

We saw the potential of each room and new that we could work with them to create a welcoming and inspired kitchen and bathroom that people would want to use and provide a strong investment return. We chose to go with a beautiful white palette that would look clean and fresh for years to come. When it came to material selection our clients wanted quality products that would last and be durable with daily use, but we were also conscious to keep things affordable.

Both the kitchen and bathroom spaces now make the home feel like a completely new property, and our clients are thrilled with the final results. It’s amazing to see the difference that a renovation can make on a home, but also the lives of the people who live in it. Another successful project under our belt + more happy clients to add to our success stories = job well done!


Age of home: 1970’s
Location: Burnaby, BC



Modernize, clean space, added storage and lighting
Brighten, lighten and make kitchen and bath more functional


Quartz countertops

Shaker cabinetry

Geometric tile backsplash

Whites, greys and charcoal

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