The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Renovations in Vancouver – Part 1

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Renovations in Vancouver –  Part 1: Preparing for a Renovation

We often refer to the kitchen as the ‘heart’ of the home. But, not that long ago, kitchens were an afterthought when it came to a house. It was only about 100 years ago that kitchens were just a utilitarian space, used solely to prepare food. It’s hard to imagine this today when we see just home important the kitchen plays in today’s modern homes, but it’s true, at one point they simply were just used to prepare food. Flash forward to now, and we find kitchens are the heart and hub of the household. And, when it comes to home renovations, it’s the most critical room in the house, and one you want to get right the first time! 

If you’ve landed on this blog article then there’s a good chance you are already considering a kitchen renovation, and that’s great! But you, like many other home owners are probably feeling a little overwhelmed with all the decisions you might have to make – there is, after all, a lot to consider when planning a kitchen renovation. We want to help you feel informed, and guided so you can make the next step with confidence. Let’s begin!

Are you renovating your kitchen for resale, or your own usage?

The first thing to take into consideration when planning a kitchen renovation is thinking about how long you plan to live in the home for after the renovation is complete, and if you are remodelling for an A) resale/flip, or B) for your own long term use.  This changes the game entirely when it comes to making kitchen renovation decisions. If its A, then all design decisions should be made with the future buyer in mind, so you can obtain the maximum return on your renovation investment. If its B, then you have a bit more creative control over the decisions you make, because it’s going to be a space you use, therefor it should work for you! 

The majority of our clients tend to live in their homes for many years post renovation, so for the purpose of this guide we’re going to assume that is the case, but stay turned for a future post on kitchen renovations for resale, coming later this year.

What are your kitchen renovation goals?

We do kitchen renovations all the time at Canadian Renovations, so we’ve become very familiar with what clients are aiming for. These are the typical goals we hear:

“I want to change the aesthetic look of my kitchen” 

“I want to change the layout of my kitchen”

“I want to create more prep, cooking, and storage space in my kitchen”

“I want to use my kitchen for entertaining and parties”  

“I want to make my kitchen more airy and bright” 

Do any of these ring true to you when it comes to your kitchen renovation? Or maybe you have a completely different goal we have not listed – if so, tell us what it is! 

By narrowing down your goals it helps home renovations companies like us understand what the underlying reason is for your remodel, and allows us to present design and renovation ideas to achieve your goals. 

What do you want your kitchen to look like, and what style fits with your home?

Maybe you watch a lot of HGTV and can easily narrow down the aesthetic style you are aiming for your kitchen renovation.If so, you’re way ahead of the pack. But for many homeowners, it can feel a bit confusing when it comes to deciding what style you like, or what works for your existing home and neighborhood. Are you into more sleek, contemporary kitchen design, or do you prefer the timeless elegance and charm of craftsman style kitchens? Why not start by perusing sites like Pinterest to give yourself an idea of what is out there. You’ll quickly begin to identify what kitchen design styles you like, and which ones are just not for you.  If you need more ideas, check out our portfolio of work and see if any of our existing client’s kitchens appeal to you! 

When do you want to begin your kitchen renovation?

This is a big one people often forget – but really important to consider. You need to take into consideration your future plans – are you expecting a baby, going on a big holiday, changing jobs, hosting a big party? These things will and should impact when you decide when to kick off a renovation. That being said, life always is ‘happening’, and if a kitchen renovation is your priority this year or next year, its always smart to get the ball rolling, or it will just never happen. You just want to choose a timeframe that will have the least amount of impact on your day to day. To give you a ballpark in terms of how long a kitchen renovation will take, a good rule of thumb is to allocate at least 1-3 months.

How much are you prepared to spend on your kitchen renovation?

Kitchen renovations can be costly, but for good reason! They use expensive materials, require the use of a designer and team of professional, skilled labourers including plumbers and electricians. When done right, a kitchen renovation will positively impact the overall value of your home tremendously, so it is worth spending money on up front.

Here is one way to establish a general budget for a complete kitchen renovation. Use a percentage of the value of your home, which is typically in the 7-12% range. So, for simple math, let’s assume you live in Vancouver, Surrey, Coquitlam, or surrounding areas and your home is valued at $ 1 million. At 10%, $100,000 would be the baseline you should anticipate to spend in order to fully renovate and dramatically improve your kitchen. 

Is this all sounding good?  If so, find out how to select a kitchen renovation company, and what to ask them.

Check out our blog post here that offers you ideas on what to ask ….and stay turned for Part 2 of this Guide coming this month!